25 Pregnancy Test Strips, Urine Test Strips,Home Test, Clear and 99% Accurate by Mavogel

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  • About Usage - Dip the test strip in urine for 5 seconds, then lay the strip flat, read the result after 10- 20 minutes which can reach 100% accurate result
  • About Test - Levels of HCG as low as 25 mIU/ml (FDA standard) can be detected within 20 minutes
  • About Design - Specially designed for women to test HCG easily, each test strip is individually sealed
  • About Result - Two lines means pregnant and one line means not pregnant
  • Warm Tips - Recommend to test HCG in the morning before breakfast, the morning urine would be the best sample for HCG test

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Product Description

Mavogel Pregnancy Test

Result Analysis

1. Negative: Only control line appears when no pregnancy.
2. Positive: Both control line and text line appear when pregnant already.
3. Invalid: When the control line does not appear, indicating it's a failure or invalid text strip, please try another new one.


1. Negative-The urine comes from healthy men and non-pregnancy women, HCG concentration contained should not higher than the analytical sensitivity.
2. HCG concentration changes with the time of pregnancy and be different for different individuals.


1. When is the earliest can be detected?
3-7 days after pregnancy.
2. About the color
The colored band.of control line and test line is depended on the HCG content in urine, it's normal results that when the concentration of HCG is high, the test line is obvious and the control line may become weak.
3.Optimal detection time
The first morning urine is recommended, but for the woman who is pregnant for some time, the urine at any time of day can be used to detect.
4.Detection Precautions
(1). For the planned pregnancy, the text strip can be used to detect 7-10 days after intercourse.
(2). Try to use first morning urine to check, because the hormone level at this time is the easiest to find out.
(3). Do not drink too much water to increase urine, as this will dilute the hormone levels
(4). Before beginning to use the text strip, please read the manual and make sure each step is right.

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