Care Check Pregnancy HCG Test, 30 Urine Pregnancy Test Strips

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  • GREAT VALUE - Get 30 Pregnancy Test Strips for a great price!
  • EASY TO USE - It's as simple as dip and read. Just dip the strip into the urine until the max line for 15 seconds, lay flat and read the results for up to 5 minutes
  • ACCURATE RESULTS - With over 99% Accuracy, you can rely on these test strips to give you the right results
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED - Each pregnancy test is individually wrapped to keep it sterile and fresh.
  • FDA APPROVED - Meets all FDA standards

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You can trust these Care Check Pregnancy Test, 30 Urinalysis Strips to get you accurate results. You will get best results from a day before your missed period. Just dip the stick into the urine for 15 seconds, lay flat and read results for up to 5 minutes. If there is a second line darker or the same shade as the control line then congratulations! It is positive! For family planning combine these with our ovulation tests.

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