FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup Starter Kit (Regular & Low Cervix Sizes)

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  • CHOOSING FEMMYCYCLE SIZE: When choosing which model of FemmyCycle is the right one for your use, you need to determine the distance from the vaginal opening to the cervix. Because the cervix moves down during menstruation, please measure during your period to get the most accurate measurement.
  • To locate your cervix: Stand with one foot on the toilet seat and insert your index finger into your vagina: > If your finger is inserted as far as it will go and you do not feel your cervix, the best choice for you is the REGULAR FemmyCycle.
  • > If your finger is inserted as far as will go, but you can just touch your cervix, the best choice for you is also the REGULAR FemmyCycle. In addition, The Regular size was also designed for women who have given birth or have heavier menstrual cycles. >If you are a teenager, a small woman, has never been pregnant, or have lighter periods, please order the TEEN size. If you can ONLY insert your finger until the SECOND knuckle, the best choice for you is the LOW CERVIX FemmyCycle.
  • Note: However, FemmyCycle cannot be used with a very low cervix any lower than 2 knuckle lenghts (or less than 2"), or with any degree of prolapse. If you can touch your cervix when inserting ONLY one knuckle, then you are advised to DO NOT order FemmyCycle. If you have any additional questions, Please visit: https://femmycycle.com/faq/ or contact us at: info@FemmyCycle.com
  • PROPER USE:1st fold the cup into a "C" or tulip fold (to shaped like a tampon). Insert facing down, cup will open on own. For more AIR compress ONLY the rim, not the body of the cup. Only insert until the removal strap is resting on the vaginal opening, & NOT touching the cervix. Upon removal, grip and squeeze bottom of the cup, while also holding removal ring, then WIGGLE until comes out. Warning: DO NOT pull cup directly out, or sit near cervix (may cause suction).

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No Spill Design. Reusable, Eco-Friendly, and BPA-Free. Patented, Awarded, FDA Approved and Made in the USA. PEACE OF MIND: No more ruined sheets, pants, and panties! With practice, the FemmyCycle gives you the peace of mind when you sleep and assurance during your active hours! This is the only menstrual cup designed by a Physician with a Patented No-Spill Design. Feel free to run, dance, yoga, swim, and use your cup overnight! SAFETY FIRST: FemmyCycle is designed with the Highest Quality Medical Grade Silicone. There are no ridges or suction holes that can cause pain or make the product hard to clean. No colors are used because artificial dyes can leech into your body. Femmycycle is BPA free, PVC Free, Latex Free, and Free of Chemicals. ECO-FRIENDLY & SAVE MONEY: Over 20 billion contaminated pads and tampons are disposed in North America each year. Save the Earth by using the eco-friendly and reusable FemmyCycle menstrual cup. FemmyCycle is also cost effective as it can save you from spending on average $80-$120 per annum, which can add up to thousands over the years! MAKE THE SWITCH TODAY: Say goodbye to pads and tampons as they are made by bleached cotton/rayon and contain surfactants that are substances that could create dryness, infections and toxic shock syndrome. Collect your flow the natural way and use the built-in removal ring for easy disposal.

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