Flex Menstrual Discs - Customer Choice for Uncomfortable Periods - 12 Hour Wear, No Wash - Reduces Waste vs Tampons - Prevents Leaks and Odor - Hypoallergenic - Body Safe - Not Linked to TSS

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  • HAVE THE MOST COMFORTABLE PERIOD OF YOUR LIFE - 60% of customers report fewer period cramps when using FLEX Disc; 80% report less dryness and irritation after switching. Many customers have shared that they thought having an uncomfortable period was a fact of life-until they tried something new.
  • ENJOY UP TO 12 HOURS OF PROTECTION WITHOUT RINSING - Your period products should not disrupt your life. Whether you're working, caring for your children, traveling or stuck in class, FLEX Discs provide 12 hours of worry-free protection and are conveniently disposable after each use. Forget running to the bathroom every few hours to change your tampon or pad-and no need to rinse your menstrual cup in a public space. Our discs hold as much fluid as 3 super tampons.
  • RELIABLE - Be worry-free with period products that are designed for your unique body and lifestyle. FLEX Discs are made with ComfortSeal technology to conform to you, preventing leaks. Our discs are made to perform no matter your daily routine, including swimming, sleeping, or working out like a pro athlete.
  • EASY TO USE - Remember the first time you got your period? FLEX Discs were made to be easy for beginners. If you want extra support, our team of Los Angeles based FLEXperts are here for you. They're compassionate humans who live to help our customers.
  • SAFE & SUSTAINABLE - Made in Canada from vegan, medical grade, body safe materials. Our products are FDA registered, hypoallergenic, BPA and phthalate free and made without natural rubber latex. Feel good about doing your part. Menstrual discs are the longest wear disposable option for your period, reducing unnecessary waste up to 60% compared to traditional period products.

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We believe in a world where every woman loves her body

The Flex Company is on a mission to create body-positive, life-changing experiences through the products that we make and the conversations that we spark. Our vision is to reimagine and deliver life-changing period products everywhere.

The FLEX Disc is Easy to Use

1. Wash your hands and pinch the disc in half.

2. Use your index finger to guide the front edge, tucking it up behind your pubic bone. You shouldn't be able to feel it at all if it's in the right place.

3. Wear it for 12 hours, uninterrupted. It collects up to 2 super tampons of fluid.

4. To remove take a seat on the toilet and, with clean hands, slide your finger up under the front edge of FLEX Disc and pull straight down, keeping it parallel to the floor.

5. Turn disc upside down to empty in toilet. Place the empty disc in a wrapper and dispose of in the trash.