Micromall 30pcs Women Early LH Ovulation Test Strip Pregnancy 2.5mm

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  • This product is for the in-vitro diagnose of women of child-bearing ages and ovulation period pre-testing,By using double antibody filling method and immune chromatography, it can test LH in the urine of women of child-bearing ages.
  • Sensitive and accurate result and easy to use and easy to read.
  • The test effect can be lasted for a long time.
  • The test Strip is designed into ergonomic shape, very convenient and easy to use.
  • It is safe, healthy and non-toxic to use and you may rest assured its quality completely.

Product Detail

Product Description

From the Manufacturer:
1. Detect the appearance of Luteinizing hormone(LH) and the ovulating status in womens body.
2. Easy to use and easy to read
3. Sensitive and accurate result
4. Usage:
a. Remove test device strip from the pouch. Immerse the signal band with the arrow facing downward into the urine sample in container. Do not exceed the line Max.
b. Take out the strip after 3 seconds and wait for the result within 5 minutes.
Positive: a. the colour in Band T is the same as that in Band C; LH peak will appear and ovulating in 48hours.
b. the colour in Band T is deeper than that in Band C, LH peak appears and ovulating in 28hours.
Negative: the color in Band T is lighter than that in Band C or only Band C appers, then no LH peak or peak passed.
Invalid: No color bands appear.
1. Sensitivity: 20mIU/ml
2. Type: Strip
3. LH Storage: 4 °C to 30 °C; Avoid light, avoid hot, not frozen, in dry place.
4. Specificity: >99.8%
5. Test Time: Any time of day
6. Reaction Time: 5-10 minutes
7. 2 Line Test: Control & Test Line
8. Shelf Life: 2 Years
9. Dimensions: (8.1 x 0.25)cm / ( 3.19 x 0.10)"
10. Weight: 1g / 0.04oz
11. Type: Test strip 2.5mm
Package Includes:
30 x LH Ovulation Test Strip

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