Migraine Relief Headache Vitamin Supplement - Neurologist Recommended to Help Prevent Pain, Nausea, Sensitivity and Auras from Tension and Chronic Strain - 120 Vegan Caps with PA Free Butterbur

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  • SAY GOODBYE TO THROBBING HEADACHES with essential measures of PA-free Butterbur, COQ10, Feverfew, Riboflavin and Magnesium, all shown in clinical studies to help allay migraine frequency and onset. Compare our complex formula with leading brands!
  • MIGRAINE DEFENSE IS NATURALLY SOURCED, free of aspirin, caffeine, gluten, soy, yeast, dairy, rice or corn. Non-GMO vegan-friendly formula with zero fillers and zero excipients used. Proudly made in USA in our FDA certified facility.
  • CARINGLY CRAFTED FORMULA - Designed to support healthy brain function and promote relief from migraine headaches before the pain ever begins. Our formula contains Magnesium in the form of Citrate for superior absorption and even better benefits than a traditional headache supplement.
  • ENHANCED BENEFITS WITH COQ10 - Did you know that the Canadian Headache Society advocates Coenzyme Q10 supplementation as a shield against migraine symptoms. CoQ10 is a vitamin-like compound and a vital component of our cellular energy metabolism. A recommended dose of Migraine Defense will add a dietary boost of 150 mg of C0Q10 each day for migraine prophylaxis.
  • 120 CAPSULES ~ 2 MONTHS SUPPLY of vital nutritive support for normal healthy capillary function and smooth muscle stasis and to help relieve underlying nutritional deficiencies common to migraine sufferers. Vegan friendly, gluten and dairy free. In addition to Magnesium citrate, Naticura's improved formula now includes black pepper - shown to enhance uptake and absorption.

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CoQ10, Butterbur (PA free), Feverfew and Magnesium are key to this enhanced formula intended to support healthy brain function and promote relief from migraine headache...before the pain ever begins. Studies have conclusively shown for optimum results continue daily for 3-6 months to observe significant change. It's Nature's formula ~ we just gave it a name. This product is Vegan friendly, non-GMO, gluten and dairy free. Naticura's improved formula includes black pepper for enhanced uptake and absorption.