The DivaCup Model 2 Menstrual Cup

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The DivaCup Model 2, Post Pregnancy Menstrual Cup. Feminine Hygiene Protection. Menstrual Cup.

Latex- Free
Healthcare Grade Silicone

Reusable: positively change your eco-footprint!

Saves money!....every month.

The DivaCup™. . . not a tampon. . not a pad. Finally a better way! The DivaCup™ is a leading-edge redesign of a proven concept first introduced in the 1930's. Use by women worldwide for decades, it is now available nationwide.

The DivaCup™ offers ultimate freedom: enjoy your daily activities including sports such as swimming, as well as traveling with no messy "leaks" or the expense and inconvenience of buying and carrying supplies in all shapes, sizes and absorbencies.

The DivaCup™ will accommodate your individual and changing flow, neatly collected in the cup. Remove 2-3 times a day, empty and reinsert. The DivaCup™ can be worn overnight and it will not affect important vaginal moisture, making it a perfect alternative or supplement to tampons or pads. The environment and overburdened landfills will benefit from your use of The DivaCup™. A must have for the Diva in every woman!

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