Truly Green Home Lice Spray, Non Toxic Natural Organic,16 oz

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  • Starts Working on Contact - Kills Lice at Every Stage of Life: Egg, Nymph and Adult
  • Free of Harsh Chemicals - Safe for Children, Pets and Pregnant and Nursing Mothers
  • Fast and Effective while Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Staining- Won't Yellow Fabrics, Organic, Natural
  • Repels Future Infestations

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Product Description

Truly Green Products are made using non-toxic formulas that are safe but effective. They don't hurt the environment and they won't harm your family. We are committed to protecting you and your loved ones while keeping your home and property pest free. Truly Green Products are safe to use around children, pets and pregnant or nursing mothers. Safe for everyday use.

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