WillowPads Cloth Feminine Pad-Regular Black 3 pack [Health and Beauty]

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  • Softer than disposables and just as absorbent!
  • Safer-who wants harsh chemicals on delicate skin?
  • Save up to $600 by using WillowPads!*
  • Made in USA!

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Product Description

Feminine Pads for the 21st Century. Modern and convenient, naturally. Softer. WillowPads offer superior softness with an amazingly absorbent hemp core, giving you the comfort and protection you desire. This unique hemp core allows WillowPads to be more absorbent and thinner than other feminine pads. WIth this technology, WillowPads can be easily customized to fit your needs. From a pantiliner to a maxi, WillowPads has you covered. Safer. WillowPads are made with only Certified Organic cotton and hemp, created without using pesticides or harsh chemicals. You may find that your flow reduces over time when using our cloth pads--a natural side-effect for some people when they reduce chemical exposure. WillowPads are softer and more comfortable, perfect for sensitive skin. WillowPads contain no plastic and are completely breathable, eliminating odors and irritation. Save. Disposables are expensive. Using WillowPads costs and average of $120--the average amount you spend each year on disposables, yet WillowPads last up to six years! Willowpads are made with a luxuriously soft and absorbent organic cotton flannel shell and super thirsty hemp insert core. WillowPads are made from only the highest quality organic fabrics tailored for softness and comfort. They are very absorbent and durable, yet allow for airflow which helps reduce irritation and eliminates odors. WillowPads are as slim as disposables and offer you superior protection while maximizing absorbency. WillowPads do not have a plastic waterproofing layer that can irritate delicate skin. Our feminine pads are very absorbent and don't leak-simply add inserts to match your flow needs. Each WillowPad comes with one cotton shell and one regular size hemp insert. WillowPads natural are unbleached and dyed with low-impact dyes. All WillowPads products are handmade in America. *Savings is based on the lifetime of the product.

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