XL Heating Pad - Electric Heating Pad for Moist and Dry Heat Therapy - Fast Neck/Shoulder/Back Pain Relief at Home - King Size 12" x 24", GENIANI (Black)

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  • ADJUSTABLE HEAT OPTIONS. Electric heating pad has low, medium, high-temperature modes to choose from
  • SOFT MICROPLUSH FIBERS. Geniani heating pads are made from gentle microplush and soft to the touch
  • MOIST AND DRY THERAPY HEATED PAD. Depending on the purpose, you can choose the most suitable option
  • COVER YOUR NECK AND BACK. King size 12x24" heating pad is large enough to wrap up your neck, back, and stomach
  • FAST HEATING PAD WITH AUTO SHUT OFF. Heats up in seconds, auto shut off feature for complete safety

Product Detail

Product Description

Discover pleasant ways to treat pain with king size Geniani electric heating pad for moist and dry heat therapy!

After a work day, muscle soreness or back pain is a typical thing. Consider choosing a natural way of pain relief to feel renewed - Geniani electric heating pads with auto shut off.

Key benefits:

  • Reusable heating pad made of gentle and soft microplush fibers;
  • Adjustable options for heat therapy;
  • Fast heating for moist or dry therapy;
  • Heated pad with automatic shut off for the ultimate comfort and safety;
  • A solid choice both for men and women;
  • 5 years warranty.
  • Soft to the touch microplush fibers
    Some heating pads tend to cause skin irritation after they've been used. To avoid that effect with Geniani heating pads, we use microplush fibers. They are pleasant and relaxing, with no risk of skin irritation.

    Adjustable heating options
    Depending on your mood and doctor's advice you might want to switch from medium to low or high heating therapy. To make sure you have the most relaxing experience possible, we added adjustable heating options to Geniani pads.

    Automatic shut-off
    After an hour or two of relaxation, you might want to take a nap. Automatic shut-off 2 hours shut off option will prevent excessive heating

    5 years of warranty
    If you have doubts regarding the product, don't worry. You can buy the heated pad to understand whether you like the experience in order to show 100% confidence in our solutions, Geniani offers you a risk-free purchase and money-back guarantee if the product didn't match the expectations and heating therapy itself and get a full refund in case it didn't grow on you.

    Always place pad on top of and not under your body. Never place pad between yourself and chair, sofa, bed or pillow.